Again returning to the letter to Philemon, Pastor Seboe focuses on our relationship to one another and how it should be a relationship that is founded in the person of Jesus Christ the Lord. Paul is exhorting Philemon to not only receive Onesimus back and forgive him, but now that Onesimus has had a spiritual transformation Paul wants Philemon to accept him in love, as a fellow partner of the Lord! Tonight we see the importance of dealing with one another in love, a love that is based on our service to the Lord.



Our walk with the Lord impacts the people who surround us. Whether by the words we speak, the actions we take, or how others see us speak and act, our walks in this life impress on the minds of other people.  We must ask ourselves an important question,  if we are making a positive impact on someone or a negative impact. In reading through Philemon, Pastor Seboe helps us see that usefulness for the Lord is grounded in an active faith. With that knowledge we can then look at our own lives, analyzing ourselves to see if we are living in an active faith. If we aren't living an active faith, it is highly likely that we may not be being useful to the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Everything about our lives and actions must be done for the sake of Christ, for the glory of our Lord and Savior. So come and join us as we look at how usefulness for the Lord is grounded in an active faith!


Giving an overview of Colossians, Pastoral Intern Alexander paints the big picture of Paul's letter to the Colossians. Christ is to be the center of our lives, the one whom we are to be living for, both in word and in deed. However they were to be making the most of every opportunity regarding those on the outside, whether they were antagonistic to Christ or they were neutral. There is an important call by God through Paul to be watching ourselves and our testimonies, as God has called His church to go out and be fishers of men!


Bringing the letter to the Colossians to a close the Apostle Paul leaves us with some final farewells. Here we see the names of a few noteworthy brothers and sisters in Christ, and what we are left with is asking "how does this apply to me?" What could you and I glean from the men and women that Paul lists in his final farewell? Join us tonight as we look at different principles and practices we can glean from the lives of brothers and sisters long past!


In his final exhortation to the Colossians, Paul calls them (and us as well) to devote themselves to prayer and living in grace, not only for themselves but also for those who are on the outside, for those who are Lost. With all the responsibilities and challenges we face on a daily basis, it's easy to let our guard down in our hearts and minds and live in a way that is not pleasing to God. It is when we let our guards down that the world and its philosophies can creep in and alter how we talk, think, and act. Our great adversary wants nothing more than to see us destroyed AND to see our testimony for Christ destroyed as well. The challenge tonight is important; watch what you say, watch what you do, for those on the outside are always watching. Will they see a life dedicated to Christ, or a life that is no different than their own?


Now that we have life in Christ, things should be different in how we live our lives. In today's passage Paul focuses on the dichotomy of life and death, ways we once lived, ways we now live. In this transition from one state to the other we now have God's empowerment to "put to death" sin in our bodies. It is an intense struggle, as life can bring some pretty hard trials right to our doorsteps. In reading through chapter 3 we will see what our motivation is to be for living in the ways God has commanded us to live in; thankfulness. If we are thankful for everything Christ did for us on the cross, if we are thankful for redemption, the forgiveness of sins, that will FUEL our love for God and direct our actions.


After establishing the supremacy of Christ over ALL things everywhere, Paul encourages the Colossians to not let others come in and judge them for not observing certain things. Some were trying to supplement Christ and His work on the cross with abstaining from foods and drinks or venerating certain religious days. Some were trying to add to Christ  and wanted to worship angels! God wants us all to not be deceived! All the fullness of deity is in the person of Jesus Christ, and it is in Jesus alone that we find OUR fullness. Nothing else compares, period. So Paul reminds us of that we must always be thinking about Christ, having died to the world and now made alive in Him.


With the first part of Paul's letter to the Colossians being one of thanksgiving, Paul shifts his focus to encouraging the Colossian believers to being firmly established in Christ. The world will do all it can to usurp Christ's place of reverence and worship and insert its own beliefs in His place. Paul wants the Colossians (and us) to keep Christ and His work on the cross central to our identity, to place all of our hope and trust in Him and Him alone. So come and join us as we delve further into the book of Colossians!


Tonight, Pastoral Intern Alexander begins his series through Colossians. Looking at chapter 1, we see the Apostle Paul's love and thankfulness for the Colossian believers, many of whom he's never met! From our passage we can see that God has given us a template for thankful prayer, one that focuses on other people, specifically for their faith and love. It's a blessing to have those in our lives who are fellow brothers and sisters in Christ...yet not everyone in our lives is a child of God. There are those who do not have peace WITH God. So come and join us tonight in looking into ways that we can more effectively give thanks for the faith of others.


The life of a believer is not just to know the Word of God. God greatly desires us to not simply grow in knowledge, but to live our lives in light of the truth, in light of His revealed will to us through His Word. Tonight Pastoral Intern Kimpi takes us to the letter of James, where James warns us of the 5 things that can hinder us from living out the Word of God. James then encourages the readers to be aware of the difference between false and true religion, helping us to see the difference between hearing and doing.


As Pastoral Intern Kimpi brings his Ephesians series "In Christ" to a close, he takes us through chapter 6 where we see the call for all believers to be living in Love and Respect for one another. A husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the Church. Wives are to respect their husbands by submitting to them. Because our God is THE Judge and everyone will be rewarded for his/her good works, we all have a very urgent call to live in a way that pleases God! There is urgency in this call as everyday we are at war with the spiritual forces of evil in this world, namely Satan and his host of fallen angels! Therefore we need to wear the full armor of God! So come and join us as we conclude our reading in Ephesians!


The key to walking in a manner worthy of our calling surprisingly doesn't start with us doing more; it starts with us surrending more to God. But how do we surrender to God? Continuing his series in Christ, Pastoral Intern Kimpi will help us understand that to completely surrender to God we must recognize our true identity in Christ. In Christ we are loved, we are adopted. God is now our Father! From this identity we will learn of the manner we are to walk in, and how it will help us to surrender completely to God.


In Christ we are gifted for the unification of the body of Christ. In Him we have a new life, and we are to be living in light of this new life! In Ephesians 4 Paul is calling us all to throw away things like anger, malice,  and bitterness. We are instead to put on tenderness, gentleness, and forgiveness, as since we have been forgiven we are to be forgiving towards others. Paul helps us to see that we need to be walking in a way that is worthy of our calling, of our Lord! So come and join us as Pastoral Intern Kimpi continues his Ephesian series In Christ.


Starting in Ephesians 3, Pastoral Intern Kimpi will be continuing his series In Christ. Looking at the New Testament, it is wrong to believe that Christians will be free from suffering. In fact believers have suffered for their faith throughout the church's history, all for the sake of their faith in Christ; but we do not lose hope! Even in our sufferings we know that we are afflicted IN Christ. The afflictions we go through do not define us, our identity in Christ does, and it will help us walk through those tough times like nothing else can.


In todays world there is often a need for reconciliation between peoples. There can be physical walls dividing people from each other because of hostility that exists through sin. However, we as believers have been called to be reconciled to one another just as we have been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ! Join us as Pastoral Intern Kimpi takes us further into the letter of Ephesians.

Those who are in Christ no longer have to pay for the penalty of their sins, whether past, present or future. They will one day be free from the presence of sin, living with God in His kingdom for all eternity. From theses truth found in God's Word Pastoral Intern Kimpi continues his series in Ephesians, reminding us what God has saved us from, how we are saved and for what reason we were saved.



*We are sorry to say that the audio for this sermon is a bit distorted. There is a problem somewhere in our audio system and are still working at identifying the issue. We are sorry for the this inconvenience.*

Pastoral Intern Kimpi takes us through Exodus 3-4, where we see that God has a special and specific plan for each one of His children, and those plans will look very different for each individual person. However, we can tend to view those plans as "suggestions" rather than the calling of God for our lives, His will for us to DO. When those calls come to us, are we listening? Are we ready to obey, to stay faithful to God, ready to take that first step out of our comfort zone? Like Moses, are we going to make excuses so that we won't have to go to our own "Egypt?"


Tonight Pastoral Intern Alexander shares some of the lessons that God has been helping him to grow in; applying the powerful tool of prayer to our day-to-day lives. Looking at Philippians 4, we see how God uses prayer to not only allow us to bring our needs and anxieties to Him but how He also uses prayer to keep our minds focused on the person of Jesus Christ His Son.


Who am I...in Christ? Tonight, Pastoral Intern Kimpi focuses on this question in Ephesians 1. His desire is for us to know our identity in Christ and to have that impact our lives in the area of being thankful. We must exchange our grumbling for thankful, prayerful hearts, and we must exchange our own competitive works for the works that Christ has done for us.