Coming to the end of the Sermon on the Mount, Pastor Kurt Seboe reminds us
of the total authority of Jesus Christ. As our Lord brings His sermon to a close, 
He reminds us of the need to firmly build our lives around His Words. No matter
what life brings us, no matter what we may desire in our life, or no matter what
the leaders of our world may say Christ's Words must shape our life and our choices. 
He gives us a powerful exmaple of the importance of His Words, of being a Wise
Builder. His Words are something potent and powerful that can give us the strength to
face all of life's challenges, they can give us a sturdy foundation that won't
crumble under the waves of hardship life can bring us. On His Word, that is to say
on His Authority, Jesus tells us that His Words are TRUTH, and that by following
His Words we will have assurance and confidence that we can weather through any


In reading through Matthew, we have come to learn of Jesus the King. We've seen His roots, His character, and what we've seen His consistent devotion to the Father. We need to follow this Savior, this King, as we live in a world that is increasingly Fake. Things can masquerade their true colors, tricking us into thinking something may be good or true when it really isn't. Thankfully Jesus IS truth. Through Him and His teachings we can come to discern what is fake in this world, and continue to follow of Christ in the way of Truth. We will need this aid, as Jesus warns us that their will be people who try to be like us but are really out to devour us.


Today's time will tell us that there is nothing or no one who can claim absolute truth. There seems to be a stigma with claiming absolute truth; what kind of arrogant person can claim that all these other options are false! Yet in reading God's Word, we see that there IS right and wrong, true and false, and truth is found within the person of Jesus Christ. Today's passage takes us through the reality of truth, that there is only ONE way to come to "get to heaven." There is a Narrow Gate, and it is incredibly difficult to find. Come and join us today as we see what God reveals to us on entering through this Narrow Gate!


Today's passage has us focus on the importance of persistently pursuing God in all areas of our lives. However, Christ's commands of persistently pursing God must show us that we must come to God the way that HE tells us to come. We are to be pursuing the presence and power of God in our lives the way that God has established for us. There are wrong ways of asking, seeking, and knocking in our lives. In all things, we must be wise in our understanding, pouring through God's Word to accurately inform ourselves of how God wants us to pursue Him!


In an increasingly individualistic culture it is becoming harder and harder to function the way that God has intended the church to function. It is frightening how easy it is to overlook others when our own needs, responsibilites, and spiritual growth are demanding our attention. However difficult it may  be, God has given an incredible wealth to every single believer who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ. We now have a rich resource of strength, spiritual blessings, and wisdom because we are in Jesus! With that in mind, under the great truth of salvation God has designed the church with the specific task of building each other up. This is a vital function of a mature believer, and today Pastor Seboe walks us through the argument of Paul in Ephesians to see how we have been perfectly equipped by God to fulfill this function. Edification is somehting we can now DO thanks to the grace and blessings of God through Jesus Christ the Lord.


Days can get pretty rough. During times of intense hardship it's easy to let the darkness of those times overwhelm us and overtake us, causing us to have the undesirable effect of losing our Awe for God. Today Pastor Seboe takes us to the book of Ruth, where we will see the lives of two completely different women; one of Israel yet enveloped in bitterness, the other a pagan yet full of character and a desire to focus on God. Today is Mother's day, yet the truths that we glean from the book of Ruth not only apply to mother's but to all of us! We come to learn that our awe of God affects our character, and that our character affects our actions. So come and join us as we delve into fostering our Awe of God!


Authority is important in many areas of our lives, of our jobs, and in the world at large. Many of
us have needs, have wants or even desires to be met. If someone has authority, that usually means
they are the person we go to in order to receive that which we want. It could be a license for
hunting season, it could be a local county court to settle a dispute with a neighbor, or it could
be to a police station in reporting a crime to them, hoping that they take action.  Today Pastor Seboe draws our attention to the person who has authority over every living person and creature, Jesus Christ our Lord. Focusing on Mark 2, we see a moment in the life of Christ where His authority is clearly heard and seen. The importance of this authority is that it is an authority that makes forgiveness true, makes it attainable. For sins, there can be no amount of good deeds to clear our debt we owe. However, there IS someone who DOES have the authority to forgive sins! So please come and join us in learning of the total power and authority of JesusChrist the Lord!


After a short honorarium for the ministers in Myanmar and our interns, Pastor Seboe focuses on the third of NBC's 3 E's of Ministry, Edification. God has designed us to function in such a way that we can build one another up, encourage one another, and pointing one another back to our God. Looking at 1 Corinthians 12 we see how God has intended us to function with one another, that we are all a part of a living organism which shares a common head, Christ the Lord. We all have a challenge to live in God's culture and in His ways rather than in the views and thoughts of our culture or our own desires; we must learn to love one another as God intended us to love. Come and join us in seeing the importance of edification!


Continuing his short series through NBC's 3 E's of ministry, Pastor Seboe looks into Exaltation. Worship of God is to be our main goal in any of our gatherings, something that is to be done not only in our gatherings but also in the ways we live. Romans 12 paints the picture of presenting our lives as living sacrifices, 1 Corinthians 10 also touches on this truth; that whatever we eat or drink or do, it all must be done to the glory of God! These commands by God show that we must not limit worship to simple service gatherings. Worship must be us giving to God all that He rightfully deserves, in every aspect of our days and lives. We must be willing to give up our time!


In coming together on this day, we gather with the aim of celebrating our Risen Lord! Pastor Kurt Seboe focuses on two parts of our faith that should cause us to be moved to celebration; in our Sunrise service he draws our attention to the Love of Christ for us and how He willingly went to the cross knowing full well the price He was to pay. It paints a powerful picture of the love and care of our Lord Jesus Christ for us and the whole world! Secondly, in our morning service Pastor takes us through 1 Corinthians, helping us to fully understand the Biblical understanding of sin, thus seeing the true glory and beauty of the Cross, as well as the great hope we have in the resurrection of Jesus Christ!


Christ needs to be the center of our church. All of our ministries, all of our lives, must be rooted in Him. Pastor Seboe takes us to Colossians 1, where we see the supremacy of Christ over all things. From this truth he explains the vision of our church, stressing the importance of Christ in each of our core methods and visions.


With Easter fast approaching, many will be readying themselves to celebrate the risen Savior! Yet Easter has no monopoly on celebrating this fact, it's something that we should all do on a regular basis. Today Pastoral Intern Alexander takes us into various Scripture passages that focus on one aspect of God that often can be overlooked; His Wrath. If we want to properly and truthfully frame our minds around the resurrection of Jesus Christ we must first look into why Jesus had to die in the first place. God's wrath is a terrifying thing, yet it helps us to truly see the beauty behind the Cross of Christ.


Continuing his series in Matthew Pastor Seboe takes us to another of Jesus' sermons on the mount. In today's passage Jesus addresses a growing danger in everyone's lives; anxiety. Looking at Christ's words we see that anxiety is something that attacks our trust in God. God wants us to know that no matter what life brings our way, He knows about it! Our heavenly Father is watching over us, meeting our needs on a daily basis. Because of His care for us God wants us to not give into anxiety, instead redirecting our minds towards 2 things; His kingdom and His righteousness. Thinking on these things gears our minds to being focused on God, reminding us of a sovereign and loving God who has not forgotten us.


Today we look again to Jesus' sermon on the Mount, looking at the conflict that we all can go through; being torn between masters. We can easily let things, money, people or circumstances become what define us, what drives us and fuels us for our everyday significance. Jesus has some very pointed words on this matter, helping us to see that what we let into our hearts is what shapes our significance, and more importantly who we serve. Pastor Seboe has a challenge for us today to really take the words of our Lord Jesus to heart, analyzing our lives to see if we have Him at the center of our lives and are living for Him as our master, or if we are living for things other than Christ.


In a bitter sweet farewell, Pastoral Intern Kimpi casts the vision he has for his inevitable trip back home to Myanmar (Burma). He walks us through the needs in his home city and home town, sharing his main plans for beginning to reach his people group and others as well with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Pastor Seboe closes the morning off with encouraging Kimpi with familiar passages from 1 Timothy. Come and join us as we pray for our Pastoral Intern, asking God to meet his needs and to use him as an effective tool for His names honor and glory!


We have a special service today put together by Pastoral Intern Kimpi! Cross Conference is about showing us the important need of taking the Gospel to the nations, and special speaker Dr. Ken Davis takes us to Matthew 28, where we will look closely at the last command of our Savior. Dr. Davis brings to bear the very words of Christ, as well as showing us the harvest fields in our own nation! The Urban cities are now teeming with multi-ethnic, multi-cultural peoples! God has brought the nations right to our doorstep. So come and join us as we think through the Words of Christ!


In todays age, we tend to value our privacy. We don't want someone recording us or our mannerisms and words.  However,  there are always exceptions! Todays passage deals with the realm of seeking attention, of trying to draw admiration and glory to ourselves and what we do or look like. Pastor Seboe takes us to the words of Christ Himself in Matthew 6, where Christ continues His teachings on having an ego problem. Through the passage Pastor Seboe reminds us that nothing is hidden from God, not even our inner thoughts and intentions! Because of God's penetrating stare, we as His children should be motivated to living a loyal life for Him.


After a long break, Pastor Seboe brings us back to the book of Matthew! Today we look into the importance of giving proper attention to God and His Son, of the danger of losing sight of God and His glory and Power and how it can turn us into glory stealers! There is a call for humility when giving glory to God, not aiming to draw attention to ourselves but rather to do it in private. In this call for humility Christ gives us some help in our prayer lives, giving us a template of how to come to our God with our needs, praises, and guidance. Come join us as we look into the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, and how He calls us to live in humility and in forgiveness towards one another!


Today Pastoral Intern Kimpi takes us to Philippians 2 where we see the Church is the body of Christ, and just like the physical body this Body needs to work together in unity to accomplish it's purpose. Paul reminds us that the very first step in living in unity is to imitate Christ's humility. Our Savior came to not only set us free from enslavement to Sin and to pay our sin debt, but He also came to give us the ultimate example of servitude. Christ Himself is the paradigm of Humility, and we as His followers must orient our lives towards His example. So come and join us in our walk through God's Word, learning how humility brings unity!


Safely back from his trip to the West and Midwest Pastor Seboe takes us to Acts 6, where we look at how the early church dealt with issues that crept up to it. In those issues, the church recognized that while material/physical needs had to be met there was an even greater need; the need for spiritual growth. Pastor Seboe draws our attention to the important church wide calls of prayer and ministry of the Word, and how it is these 2 traits that must be held in highest importance.


Time matters. We all value time; we need it, we want more of it, and when we have it we organize it so as not to waste a second! Thinking through various aspects of life, time has become a very precious commodity in our world. With the prospect of a full new year ahead of us, how should we be using our time? Or an even better question; how does God want us to be spending our time? Join us today as Pastoral Intern Alexander takes us to 2 Corinthians 5, where we will see the urgency of our remaining time here on earth.


In Christ our prayers are heard. Prayer is personal, something we must decide to do just as Paul did, bowing his knees before the Lord in prayer. Prayer is also relational; we are not just praying to some silent observer but to God Himself, our Father. In prayer we can boldly approach God and ask for our needs, all with the expectation of great things from Him who can "give far more abundantly than we can ask or think", so that the glory of God might be Revealed. So come and join us today as we read through God's Word on how to pray in Christ!


Merry Christmas to you all! We at NBC wish you all joy and a wonderful time with your family and friends. Today Pastor Seboe takes us to Luke 2, where we are reminded of the Joy and Peace that Jesus Christ brought to us through His incarnation. In this day and age peace is a fleeting thing, but with God peace is assured to us once we place our faith in Jesus Christ His Son and turn from our old ways of life. So come and Join us in celebrating the life and birth of Jesus Christ our Lord!

With Christmas day fast approaching, Pastor Seboe takes us to Hebrews 10 to fully appreciate the person and work of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for the whole world. There is great comfort found in the death of Christ for all people, and the writer of Hebrews takes his audience (and us) through a step by step explanation into just how great a redeemer Jesus really is.



Continuing in the argument of the author of Hebrews, we come to the love and faithfulness of Jesus Christ. Pastor Seboe takes us through the humanity of Jesus, and why He did what He did in becoming a man like us. There is a wonderful comfort in knowing that Jesus became a man so that He could be the hope for a sinful and fallen world.


In a time where we can easily wander from the person of Christ, it is easy to lose sight of His full glory. Pastor Seboe takes us through Hebrews 1, where we see the danger of becoming attracted to other things or beings other than Jesus Himself. Doing so can diminish or devalue the grace we have in our lives, from us losing sight of Christ and keeping Him central in our hearts and lives and fully experiencing the depth of His radiance. 


Looking at Paul in Athens we see how important it is to not simply walk past or assume another persons worldview. While we know what WE believe, we can easily assume we know where other people are in terms of knowing God. Pastor Seboe desires for us to look through Paul's connection points with the people in Athens, where he came across both Jew and Greek, unschooled and philosophical people and how he approached them with the Gospel.




*We are sorry to say that the audio for this sermon is a bit distorted. The wireless microphone pack used for today has evidently gone bad! We are sorry for the this inconvenience.*

Today Pastoral Intern Alexander draws our attention to the importance of prayer. Everyday life can get a bit busy and hectic, and in these hectic moments we can tend to forget why we need to pray. Looking at 1 Thessalonians 5 we see the need for praying consistently and daily, not only for all of the benefits it brings to us spiritually, relationally, and mentally but for intentionally striving to live in God's will for our lives and why that matters.



While Pastor Seboe is away on his trip to Brazil, Pastoral Intern Kimpi brings us a message regarding the believers living hope in Christ. With all the issues and pullings of this world, if we have this living hope in Christ, why should we desire to live like the world who has no hope in Christ? From 1 Peter, we see the call to take our eyes off of external and passing glories and fix our eyes on the eternal glory of Christ Himself.


Continuing his short two part series regarding Christians living in two different worlds, Pastor Seboe again addresses the issues of Politics and Government. Revisiting Romans 13 we see how God calls us to live regarding human government. How do we vote, how do we view our governments and their roles? How do we as Christians balance our lives in both the earthly world and in the heavenly world?


Today Pastor Seboe takes a break from his series in Matthew to address issues growing in this very busy season; Politics and Government. To help us see how we as Christians view our government and live with our government, Pastor takes us to Romans 13 in a two part series, helping us understand how God intends His children to live not only as citizens of heaven but also as citizens of earth.


Pastor Seboe continues taking us through Jesus' sermon on the mount, today focusing on the topic of doing good things for others. While Jesus has been teaching, He has been contrasting the laws of His day and their "outward" fixation and instead draws our attention to the more internal aspects of doing right and obeying the law. It's the heart that matters most when we do anything, and Pastor Seboe draws our attention to the words of Jesus regarding doing "good deeds" for others.


As Pastor wraps up Matthew chapter 5 he draws our attention to the call of Jesus towards living in love, where we can see the need to be molding our love around the authority of Christ's commands.


As Pastor continues his way through the Sermon on the Mount, he comes to Matthew 5:38-42 where Jesus tells us that showing love and grace curbs the "get them back" attitude.