What We Believe

Here are some of the core tenants of our church:


  1. We are committed to a literal, pre-millennial, dispensational method of interpreting the Bible.
  2. We believe the Bible is the eternal, inspired, inerrant Word of God.
  3. We believe in the Trinity-- God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and God the Holy Spirit-- all as co-equal, co-eternal.
  4. We believe all men are born sinners separated from God and positionally in Adam. Every individual is condemned by the imputed sin of Adam, born with a sin nature, and commits personal acts of sin because he is a sinner.
  5. We believe Jesus Christ was the virgin conceived Son of God, was always God in eternity past, lived as the God-man during His earthly ministry and was incapable of sinning and did not sin. 
  6. We believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for all sinners to eternally satisfy God's righteous demands and arose bodily after three days and three nights in the earth.
  7. We believe the Holy Spirit is a person, fully God, and indwells, convicts, regenerates, baptizes, seals, teaches, and controls believers.
  8. We believe a sinner is saved or regenerated by grace through the instrumentality of faith alone.
  9. We believe the church is both an organism and an organization. As the organism it was formed by the baptizing work of the Spirit on the Day of Pentecost. As an organization it exists as believers in local churches.
  10. We believe every believer is eternally secure in Christ.
  11. We believe in two separate returns of Christ. The first coming is for His church (called the rapture) before the tribulation period and the second is with his church (called the second coming) to establish His earthly kingdom.
  12. We believe in two main resurrections called the first and second resurrections. The first includes all the saved in the Old Testament, the church saints, and the tribulation saints. The second includes all the unsaved of all ages.
  13. We believe in an earthly kingdom of 1000 years called the millennium.
  14. We believe in a literal heaven.
  15. We believe in a literal place called Hell, the lake of fire.
  16. We believe in two major judgments. The first is the Judgment Seat of Christ only for believers in the church and the second is the Great White Throne Judgment sending all the unsaved to Hell.
  17. (These points are summaries of our doctrinal position.  The complete statement is available at the church)