High Priorities

We hold several priorities that serve to guide our ministry:


The Priority of Scripture

Northmoreland is a Bible-based, Christ-centered, people-oriented church. 

The Priority of People

Since Jesus died for people, it is our aim to reach people through the Gospel and then build them toward Christ-likeness.  We are still a “work in progress."  God's design is to use  maturing believers to do the work of ministry and the result is that everyone in the body matures.  God doesn’t use people to get things done – He builds people to get people “done.” 

The Priority to Serve

The ministries of our church are the vehicles that build believers and evangelize the lost.  Our ministries fall into three basic areas:

  1. Exaltation, which enable us to be a center for worship
  2. Evangelization, which enable us to be a center for outreach
  3. Edification, which enable us to build-up and focus on training

The Priority to Send

We understand our role both as individuals and as a body to be reproduction.  This means that our vision includes training up pastors and missionaries, leaders, and people who will go out from us to reproduce like-minded ministries that will seek to uphold biblical doctrines and philosophy of ministry.