Who we are

Within the world, there are particular beliefs, views, and values that make up who people are. Below are three categories that introduce you to who we are at NBC. These three categories set up our framework for living our lives for God. We have received these beliefs, views, and values from God through His Word. So please, take a moment and get to know us!

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Our Vision

As God's children, we have been given a special task that nothing else in creation has. This task comes from God to us through His Word, and it forms the core of who we are as "The Church."


high importance

As a Bible believing church, there are certain "priorities" we hold to regarding our approach to understanding God and His Word. These priorities are at the core of all of our ministries as a church, whether it be a teaching class, a sermon, or serving food to people.


What we believe

As we hold to the priority of Scripture for knowing God, understanding life, and looking to the future, there are many key doctrinal views we hold based off of our understanding and view of God's Word. Here is a short list of some of our core doctrinal beliefs.